Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Poetry: Shades Of Beauty

I wanted to share with you all a poem I wrote in 1991. I was 24 years old and inspired by the array of women that I saw at Savannah State College (Now University/Check out: Historically Black Colleges and Universities). In November 2005 I shared with you my poem, Georgia Plum. It’s really funny how the times influence our subjects and language. There are references to women in this piece that one would only find in an old episode of A DIFFERENT WORLD. I hope that you like it. Peace~

Shades of Beauty

She is the backbone of civilization and the reason why I am making this poem a dedication to the black woman

The richest chocolate, the sweetest caramel and ooooooh…
The tastiest toffy
These are the shades of beauty that my eyes behold so softly
She is

My Round-the-way-girl
My African queen
My Creamsicle
My butterscotch icing
My Georgia plum
My Nubian princess
My Snickerdoodle
My Ginger snap
My Queen of the Nile
My Pecan Sandie
My Honey Dip
My Chocolate Chip
My Shorty-Sporty

Lordy, Lordy!

My Girly-Girl,
My Campus beauty
Damn she’s a cutie
She’s only one shade
My brothers
We have got it made!
Note: (1:22 PM) I'd like to dedicate this poem to author, Bebe Moore Campbell who died yesterday at the age of 56. God rest her soul. She will be missed.
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