Friday, May 11, 2007

History: The Great Negro Plot

Today in history:

May 11, 1741
The execution of 31 Blacks and 4 Whites begins for their alleged conspiracy in the “Negro Plot”. 70 other enslaved Blacks are transported out of New York City.

Book on Subject: The Great Negro Plot: A Tale of Conspiracy and Murder in 18th-Century New York by Mat Johnson (2007).

I own a signed copy of Mat Johnson's book. I had a chance to attend his book reading in early spring. He seems like a really nice guy and I'm looking forward to reading his book. It's part of my summer line up. I have an idea of what I'll be reading this summer, but I need to "line" them up and get started. If you're like me you like to stay on the subject. In other words, if I'm reading about slave mutiny then I'll read about three other books on the subject. I don't know...I guess I'm hooked on African American history and the past. I mean, just look at my screen background at work. Yes, a field of good ol' southern cotton. I don't keep this picture as my background, but today was as good a day as any. Besides, it is part of my past and also part of my attire today because I'm wearing jeans. Enjoy your weekend. Peace~

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