Monday, May 17, 2010

Remembering Grandpa

Our grandfather has finally passed on yesterday.  He walked this earth for over 90 blessed years.  He left a tremendous legacy and tons of inspiration for me as a writer.  In fact, I dedicated my first book of poetry, Liquid Lunch,  to him.  The photo, pictured left, was the inspiration behind the book.  I love the deliberate stare of young Tom, and the look of anticipation before his first cold sip of beer.  I often wonder what they did later when they got off duty.  See, my imagination goes wild!

What can I say, he contributed so much to the man I am today.  He taught me that a man should always be a man and take care of his family.  He didn't say provide because that's left up to the Lord.  He taught me how to tie and fix a neck tie.  He taught me how to rake, mow, chop, lift, clean fish,etc.  Yeah, he taught me just about everything.  I take pride in that because he is the man who also taught my father.  This causes confusion among my aunts, who sometime think of me as their younger brother instead of nephew.  However, I was Tom's "grandboy," and proud of it.  I thank God for his life. 

I got to see him, last week when we visited him in the hospital.  When my wife and I were leaving, we kissed him and told him goodbye.  He could barely speak with all the tubes and his difficulty breathing, but I saw his mouth move.  He said, "ok."  Ok, grandpa.  I'll see you in Glory.  Thank you for being a great grandfather and a great man. I love you.

Your grandboy,
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