Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo & Poem~ My lady

My Lady

My lady is as fine as a spring day is pretty
and sweet as Ghetto Kool-Aid
Yeah, she reminds me of a Negro Spiritual
cause every time I get near her
I just wanna Steal [her] Away to [me], and Lay Down
my Burden
…down by the river side

Photo Source:
Stephen Bess Photography


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Stephen Bess,'You ahve to be one of the sweetedt blog Bothers I know.

I love the way you love your wife. I love that you write these lovely poems for her. You are one of the reasons why I love Black men. You know how to be in love...

A very Grown Man, Grown Woman kind of in-love!

Thank you!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Very nice, Stephen. A beautiful poem for a beauty.


Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you for that compliment. Just like the 80's song said, "Love is a Battle Field." It ain't always easy, but when it's sho' feels good. :)

Thank you, brother. I was in trouble with her last week, but now everything is cool. I said, "look, baby. I wrote a poem just for you." Peace~

Anonymous said...

I do not know which one is more beautiful your poem, or your wife.

Or maybe it is the way you are able to express your rare, raw love for your beautiful bride.

All three are gifts!

Crankyputz said...

I thought of you this Sunday, attended a black love poetry thing and loved it, how beautiful is a soul that can articulate its essence...

Cergie said...

Hi Stephen !
I like your words as always. They sound for me like a song. Yeah ! These kinds of little words give the rythm like on percussion

Stephen A. Bess said...

Your comment was like poetry. Thanks and good to see you.

Lady Putz-
Wow! Your words are beautiful too. Thank you. I'm just glad that you can appreciate it.

Thank you, my friend. You know, I thought of you and sent an e-mail to you not long ago. Did you get it?

Rethabile said...

Poems will get you out of trouble with beautiful ladies. Heh heh...

Lyrically speaking said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, so romantic, i felt every word

Anonymous said...

Nice, Stephen. Very nice.

Marvin blogs at Free Spirit:
Eye Twitter 2 -

the prisoner's wife said...


how sweet this is...

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Ha' mercy... a lucky lady she is! And beautiful, too.

Stephen A. Bess said...

As my folks would say, 'you ain't never lied.'

Thank you and good to see you.

Marvin, thanks.


thank you and welcome.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

cheers to the queen

Tafari said...

Love it!!! And I loves me some ghetto sweet red, any red kool aid.


christina said...

She is beautiful! This is no secret to you though. This photograph( as I have mentioned on her birthday) is stunning!

I'm so glad it is in black and white. Did you shoot this one?

Stephen A. Bess said...

T Stephens-
Yes, cheers. Thx.

I knew that you would understand.

Yes she is. Yes, I took this photograph. I'm glad you like it.

Unknown said...

Bess, My second book of poetry is out and can be had for $10.00 plus $2.00 postage from me at

David E. Patton
4556 Whichta Ave,
St. Louis, MO

Cergie said...

I got this e-mail and yet I was... Too busy. I apologize
Will you forgive me ?

Anonymous said...

Taking care of your gifts is a good thing. The poem is a delicate delight. Your wife is radiant.

God bless.

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