Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mahalia Jackson

The Lord's Prayer

Mahalia Jackson is the perfect way to start off the New Year. Tell me, who could sing the spirituals like Mama Mahalia? The mere sound of her voice takes you back to that old country church that your grandmother would attend. It's that church that sits far back from the road and there is a long dusty road that leads to it. There were no musicians in the church our grandmothers attended; there was just the humming of voices, the clapping of hands, the tapping of shoes on wooden floor panels, and a tambourine. I thank God for this "Black Pearl" from New Orleans, who sang songs that blessed the young, the old, and the souls of ancestors. Mahalia Jackson represents that old time religion that we need so desperately today. God bless Mahalia Jackson and God bless you in 2008. Peace~

Sources: Biblegateway.com and Wikipedia.org

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