Thursday, May 04, 2006

Writing Project

A friend of mine is working on a book and she wanted a male perspective. Below is her request and what I was able to come up with initially. I just have to come up with my description for her. The character names are Saint and Amina


AT YOUR CONVIENENCE, would you please be Saint, and describe from the moment you pull up to the restaurant, until you are actually seated next to Amina.

By the way, you’re startled because of how naturally beautiful she is, and the vibe you both share during the initial eye contact. Thanks!!

The moment that I walked through the door our souls connected. It was like seeing Amina
for the first time. I knew from that very moment that I desired her. I don’t mean that in a
sexual way, but a spiritual form of possession or maybe I wanted her to possess me. I stood at
the door for a moment as we both locked eyes. We were smiling at each other as if we both had
good news to tell. “Can I help you sir?” The host at the door asked as I stood there watching
Amina unable to move. “Sir….can I help you?” The hostess repeated as I turned around to give
her my attention. “Thank you, but I see exactly who I’m looking for. She’s sitting right over
there.” The hostess smiled as if she knew what my intentions were. I smiled back at her to
confirm her thoughts.
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