Friday, May 05, 2006

Amina: Feeling Her Phenotype

“Yo, I had a Queen named Amina, height 5'7" Caramel-complected, body like heaven. Met her through the sister of my man Big Vince...Like some shit from out the flicks we been in love ever since.”
(Roots, Do You Want More?!!!??!-1995)
…The hostess smiled as if she knew what my intentions were. I smiled back at her to confirm her thoughts. As I walked towards the table I thought only of her. She is my ideal, Amina. Amina is a natural beauty. She’s a soul stirrer and a muse for men with poetic potential. Just like Black Thought I raised her high and hoped that she would give me the time of day and she obliged.

Her hair…

Amina’s hair reminded me of a Minnie Riperton album cover from back in the day. It was all natural…just juices and berries. She’s my perfect angel with natural curly kinks that drape over her chocolate glazed face and large brown eyes. Her lips, the lips that I longed to kiss appeared full and soft. They were beautifully formed and slightly glossed as she smiled at me. “Hello Saint,” she said softly as she stood up to greet me with a hug. It wasn’t the type of hug that auntie would give accompanied with a pat on the back either. No, she embraced me as our bodies merged and bubbled like hot liquid. Her subtle scent of vanilla and jasmine consumed me as I felt the curves of her size 8 that was the perfect fit for what I had in mind. Yes, at that moment it became sexual, but I pushed away before she could detect the swelling in my pants. Besides, I was wearing linen.
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