Friday, May 05, 2006

Photography: Red Stripe

© Stephen Bess 2006

I just have a taste for some Red Stripe. This is a picture of the now recycled bottle that I had last Saturday. My wife calls her my Jamaican girlfriend. I love this beer, but I only drink it once in a while. Don't worry, If I do have one there will be a designated driver. I don't drink and drive....anymore (can't lie).
Have a great weekend! Peace~


Anonymous said...

I will be drinking lots of beers this weekend myself! It is my B-day on Sunday,(34 yikes!) and tonight people are taking me out and Sat night we are going out and the on Sun, my girls and I are having lunch! So, enjoy your Red Stripe. I have never tried it, maybe I will this weekend! I am usually too cheap to drink beer from bottles at the bar, so I drink tap beer. (I am a poor working house owning college student remember) But I will have to splurge one time this weekend and try a red stripe. Ok, have a safe one, and do not worry, I am not driving any more when drinking either. I think we all did that when we were young and STUPID! Some good things come with age! :) Be safe and have fun, and have a great weekend!

Stunuh Jay said...

I'm not a abeer drinker. I mean no disrepect, but surely red strip was strained through someones smelly sock! It has the most amazing after taste...Now I'm being sarcastic!

Waddie G. said...

you have a great weekend too, and happy cinco de mayo

NML/Natalie said...

My cousin works for Red Stripe here. Very popular beer especially when the crickets on or it's carnival. Have a fab weekend xx

Unknown said...

I love Red Stripe, but around here it cost $8.00 for a six pack.

the prisoner's wife said...

wow (the memories)

this reminds me of my beloved *smile* he drinks this & Guiness.

Uaridi said...

When he lived in the UK, my bro-in-law used to drink a beer with green stripes (I think) which his daughter called Green Lolly.

Enjoy the weekend

Stephen A. Bess said...

lol. Let me know if you have a red stripe. :) Happy bday!!!! I hope that you're having a great day!

lol. Wow, that's nasty! I like it when I drink. It's very rare that I drink beer though. My wife hates it too.

Happy cinco de mayo!! I hope that your weekend went well.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to the DC Carnival that's coming up this June. I hope that you're weekend went well too. xx to you 2. :)

Yeah, it is expensive in most places. It's only about $6 here though. Maybe there are more people that drink it here.

I hope that your beloved will have another sooner than we know. :)

lol. The color green only reminds me of Molson Ice. :) I can't think of one with a green stripe?

Brea said...

Your Jamaican girlfriend? Too funny! I guess that makes a Margaritas on the rocks with salt my boyfriend ;) Hope you had a good weekend.

MJW said...

Excellent taste, my friend. :-)

Stephen A. Bess said...

You got it. :)

Ahhh...another Red Stripe drinker. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

The bar we went to did not have Red Stripe, so I was unable to try it. :( But I will some time soon! And will let you know what I think when I do! I hope you had a great time this weekend. My Birthday weekend was great! Talk to you soon!

Stephen A. Bess said...

Glad to hear! Have a nice evening. :)

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