Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring In Dupont

© Stephen Bess 2006

The temperature is up to 75 F here in DC. Spring is finally here! I love to go for my little stroll after lunch. This is a scene up on Dupont Circle around lunch time. There were so many people at the park just chillin' all over the grass. I've never been comfortable with "city" grass. There are too many dogs and pigeons in this area. In other words, too much dog and pigeon pee all over the place (although I've never seen a pigeon pee?). You don't want to get that stuff on ya! I'm going to need a blanket down there. These people, on the other hand, are very comfy with the land. They're lying down and eating on it??? I don't know? I guess that I'm just funny like that. Have a great weekend and take a blanket if you go to the park! :)
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