Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Thoughts and Writing update

I haven't commented lately on my progress with writing. I have been writing periodically over the month of June, but I have taken a break to finish summer grading and spend time with family. Now, I am getting back into my writing mode. I'm still searching myself for direction concerning a theme or focus for my next collection. I feel that this will make me more focused with my writing. Then again, that approach may hinder. Perhaps I will just write (not rush) and allow things to just fall into place. What do you think?

Nonetheless, I will write. In fact, I must write. When I search my intentions, I find that my desire to continue writing is based on my need for creative expression. I love the reaction that readers give to my words. Sometimes, I think of those words being adapted for screen or stage. That would be the ultimate manisfestation of creative expression.

Well, I hope that my next update will show progress. Until then, take care, stay cool, or stay warm depending on your location on this planet. ~Peace

Photo: Alex Haley statue in Annapolis, Maryland
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