Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Scroll Down and Click on Love

This morning, I was scrolling the different stories on Facebook and Twitter and just as the title says, I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. Don't worry, I won't get into Clint Eastwood and his past antics, but the title fits. Anyway,  to no surprise, most of the post were about the presidential race and many were about Donald Trump and his latest comments. As I began to look at the different post, I was also led to other Facebook users who were not "friends." I went to their pages that were based in places like North Carolina, Virginia, and other parts of the south. Many of them had anti-Obama post and other post promoting "Southern Pride" replete with images surrounding the Confederate flag and the "southern way of life."

On the other hand, I went to pages that were anti-Trump. These pages either expressed wanting to do physical harm to Trump and his supporters or post making fun of the presidential candidate. There were other post making fun of southern whites - showing them toothless and smiling about their next president, Donald Trump who "don't use all them fancy words." Honestly, It all left me puzzled.

Then, there are people like me - an American citizen but just looking at all of this and shaking my head in despair. Since all of this mess began, I haven't been writing any post endorsing a candidate, and I have no desire to make fun of the other side. I certainly do not wish to physically harm anyone. Up until this post, I've been mostly silent and to tell the truth, I'll remain mostly silent because I don't know what to say.

I mean, what can I say to make sense of all this negativity? All I know for sure is that this negativity has always been around. It was always there settled like sludge at the bottom of this big so called melting pot. The events over the past few years along with the current presidential election has stirred up this nasty stew. But, I have not completely lost hope. We will just have to continue pressing forward. The solution? The solution is simple. In the end, all this stew needs is a little seasoning and plenty of love. YES - LOVE. Pray for this country. ~Peace

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