Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Photobooth---The Half-Happy Couple and Poem

2009 Top One Hundred Countdown # 20: Photobooth---The Half-Happy Couple by mrwaterslide

20 minute poem I wrote for photo:

One Mo' Payment

I almost got enough to call this woman my wife

What I mean is, I’m fixin’ to buy this fine woman here a ring to seal the deal.

Yeah, I heard that when I was in the Army

she had this ol’ slick-head hipster over in Rocky Mount 

grinnin’ and showin’ all his teeth every time he sees her in town,

and I hear he's been

asking to sit with her some Sundays after supper.


there’s one thing that ol’ sport coat don’t have that I got—

that is this here woman,

at this time,

in this picture-booth,

for this moment—



and in my arms.


I betcha he ain’t grinnin' now.

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