Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama's headed to Ghana

US President Barak Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia are set to arrive in Accra, Ghana late Friday evening. On Saturday, July 11, the Obama family is scheduled to have breakfast with Ghanaian President, John Atta Mills. Afterwards, President Barack Obama will address the Ghanaian parliament on development and democracy. The Obama family will then fly to visit the Cape Coast Castle (aka Slave Castles), which holds the dungeons that are connected to many African Americans and Africans in the Diaspora. It is the former headquarters of the British slave trade in West Africa.

So, this will be a very important trip for the Obama family. Yes, it is official US business, but a trip like this has to especially touch the First Lady, Michele Obama, who is a direct descendant of Sub Saharan Africa. I’m wondering how she will handle facing the horror that her ancestors faced with the Cape Coast Castle dungeons? There are many who have passed out in grief or simply sobbed at the sight of the place.

Well, nevertheless, this should be a nice trip for the president and his family. It will also be a great visit for the people of Ghana. They are very excited for the arrival of America’s first African family. Go see…

Historical confetti:

Here is a link to the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana.

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Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful said...


How exciting.
Is this his first trip to Africa as President?

Stephen A. Bess said...

I'm not sure. I think that it is. Plus, I think that this is the very first trip to Ghana. It should be very exciting and memorable.

Fabrizio said...

Hi Stephen!
Sorry for my absence during these months. I'd like to blog in english again, but it takes me too time, so I continued in my own language.

Anyway, I won a writing contest with my horror-fantasy tale about Robert Johnson.
I hope you'll be glad about the news ;)

See ya


fitzgerald said...

I imagine it was a bit of a home coming for the president and his family. And I am sure it means a lot to Africans for him to visit the continent.

Lyrically speaking said...

It seems like he had a great time over there with his family...i'm glad he made that trip, it was much needed

Hans Ostrom said...

I hope he visits Africa on a regular basis.

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