Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: A Crook and a Memory

I’ve had a "crook" in my neck ever since I heard the news about Michael Jackson's death. No, MJ’s news alone didn’t give me this "crook." After hearing about MJ, I got a call that an extended family member died of a heart attack as well and on the same day. I don’t know what hour, but the same day; I couldn’t believe it! The first news about MJ caused tension in my right shoulder as I listened to the report on CNN and I thought back over the past couple of months and remembered having thoughts of him dying. Don’t ask me why? My wife asked the same question, but I thought of MJ dying and how terrible it would be. Anyway, the tension and stiffness begin to ease a little as I watched his famous “Rock with You” video on BET – That song and video are both classics.

So, as I mentioned, I got the news about the extended family member yesterday as well. The news caused my head drop into my chest as tension went up the back of my neck. By the way, I distinguish him as “extended” family member because he wasn’t my uncle, but I felt kin. He grew up with my father and uncle and his mother used to bake homemade biscuits in her kitchen with fresh apricot preserves. She would feed me and tell me how she used to feed my father and uncle in that very kitchen. All of these things were part of my memory growing up in North Carolina -- Michael Jackson's music, Motown, Ms. Willie Anne's homemade buscuits, etc. Those memories and experiences helped to shape who I am today and they have inspired me to love, dream, and love some more. They are the reason that I love to write because through writing I am able to keep those memories alive. Meanwhile, despite this "crook" in my neck I'll have to do as Nina Simone suggested and "get busy living." I thank God for His mercy, grace, and life. Amen.
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