Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Tradition: The origins of Memorial Day

African American History fact:
On May 1, 1865, more than twenty black carpenters and laborers, in cooperation with white missionaries, teachers, and Union troops, started the first Memorial Day Service in Charleston South Carolina. Read more…
Enjoy your weekend and remember those Union soldiers of African descent who gave their lives and made it possible for us to be here. God bless them.
Photo: African American Civil War Memorial, Washington, D.C.


Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Stephen,

every time I visit here I learn so much more about where you live, and its past. The real history, not the glossed over, potted stuff.

Thank you for keeping it real, a way that is so close to my heart.

Hope life is treating you and Ratu, and your families kindly and very well.

After a visit to your blogs I always come away rethinking, with refreshed thinking - well done you!!!

Care, love and huggles, Michelle and my Zebbycat (the lovable yet daft) xxxxx and purrrrumbling

Fly Girl said...

This is a wonderful historical fact that never gets visibilty. Now I'll have a more consious Memorial Day. Thanks!

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