Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, MLK

Happy Birthday, Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I would like to thank Deb S. for reminding me of this. I didn't remember until I went to visit her blog. She has a wonderful article. Check it out: Media By Sistrunk.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

here here and just wanted 2 say have a wonderful 2009 folk

fitzgerald said...

And thank you for the reminder as well. Dr. King is one of those people that it would do good to remember almost every day.

Deb Sistrunk Nelson said...

Thank you, Stephen. :-)

Mickle in NZ said...

Thank you for the reminder.

This has me thinking of a favourite teacher, Rosalie Flux, who taught me in 1977 (I was 12). Mrs Flux and her husband were living in Washington D.C when Dr King was assasinated. Me Flux was in the NZ diplomatic service.

Mrs Flux told her class all about the curfews, what was going on out in the city, and much about the atmosphere there at the time.

This has me wondering, dear Stephen, what is the atmosphere like right now in Washington D.C., in the lead up to another very historical moment? And this time a happy moment.
Mrs Flux's lessons stay with me even now.

Care and huggles to you and your family.

Rethabile said...

Yep, happy birthday to the big guy.

christina said...

A beautiful birthday wish, to a wonderful man.

the prisoner's wife said...


i know you're going to be in the mix tomorrow. remember to take LOTS of pics and share 'em with us!

Deb Sistrunk Nelson said...

The Prisoner's Wife, I was thinking the same thing. Stephen could be our own Inaugural Day correspondent. :-)

Anonymous said...

If only he could have witnessed tonight!

Lyrically speaking said...

How are you? stopping by to say hello, hope all is well and i'm sure you're enjoying this eventful day in Washington

Stephen A. Bess said...

T Stephens-
All the best to you and yours.

Yes, indeed. Good to see you brother.

Deb S.-
Thank you. Correspondent. :)

I stayed clear of the crowds. I wanted to go until I found out that it was almost impossible around 7am.

I know. I was thinking the same as I watched his son.

I really enjoyed the day. Thanks.

the prisoner's wife said...

damn homie!


i'm sure ANYWHERE in DC is electric right about now tho. give us something.

Professor Zero said...

Not really OT: check out this great vid.

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