Friday, August 15, 2008

Today in History: Liberia

Today in history:

In 1824, former slaves of African descent established a settlement in West Africa that would eventually become the country of Liberia. Thousands of African Americans from the Carolinas, Georgia, Maryland, and across the country joined in the settlement. There were many black people from the Caribbean who also joined the settlement. It was a chance to reconnect with Mother Africa and the people. Unfortunately, Some of the black folk (placed in power) who settled there brought with them "Mastas" mentality building huge replicas of plantation homes. They maintained their American style of dress and in some of their minds they became the new "Boss." This caused division and resentment among the indigenous people and the fighting and bloodshed has continued till this day. God bless Africa.

Sources: and The Library of Congress Archives
Photo source: Disney's Inc., Warner Bros. and Matt Groening
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