Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reflections on the Day of my Birth

Today is the anniversary of my birth, so I am writing this as a journal. As I reflect on this past year and how much I have accomplished, I thank God. My faith is renewed and I am on my desired career path. When I think about what has taken place in just the course of one year, there is no telling what things will be like next year this time. I am expecting great things. I expect great things because I plan to fix my mind and attention on things that matter most in life. They are God and family (In that order). There will be time for helping and loving others, but if I concentrate on these things then I am sure to be all right.

I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to all of the August babies. I would like to give a special Happy Birthday shout to a friend from my old DC neighborhood; her name is Stephanie Paris. She has since passed away, but her memory and her smile still lives in my heart.

Well, enjoy your day everyone. Today, I am not going on any elaborate vacation or 5 star restaurant; instead, I’m going to hang out with my wife in Annapolis, MD. She has a meeting and I am just going to chill. I am good at chillin’. I can chill like you’ve never seen. Take care. Peace~
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