Friday, May 09, 2008

Tired of Men: The Blogging Truth

Malcolm X once called the media “the most powerful entity on earth.” He continued that “they have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power.” Yesterday, I received an email from my friend in the UK, NML. She shared with me how the publication, The Daily Mail Newspaper, ran an article about her blog. Now, this sounds great on the surface doesn’t it? I mean, this brings attention to your writing and hard work as a blogger, right?

Well, in this case the newspaper printed negative things about her blog and what NML described as all out lies. On her blog, Tired of Men…, NML talks about the everyday life of a black woman living and dating in the UK. Well, The Daily Mail printed an article titled, “Don’t get mad, get E-venge!” describing her as a bitter woman seeking revenge or “e-venge” on an ex-fiancé. She was listed along with a few other lady bloggers as basically being vindictive vixens of the blogging community. To make matters worse, they didn’t even mention the names (urls) of the blogs so that readers can decide for themselves who is bitter.

I’m writing this post in support of NML because she’s has never come across as bitter in the two years or so that I’ve been reading her blog. I’m usually laughing because of her great sense of humor when I visit. Besides, in the past she talked about different encounters on her blog, and not just one person. These days, it’s all about her family and precious little one. So, in the words of Charles Wright, NML “express yourself…and whatever you do, do it good.” If you want to read more about the article, check it out on her website. Enjoy your weekend. Peace~


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Thats a good blog right there, thanks for tha info.

NML/Natalie said...

Thanks Bro Bess. Your words are giving me huge comfort and the one thing I can take solace in is that I am getting a lot of support from my peeps and strangers like tha bossmack topsoil (thanks for your lovely comment of support) are reaching out to me. I'm honoured you included a Malcolm quote in my post :-)

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks, brother and thanks for the support.

Without a doubt. I'm glad that I could help. You know that I had to keep the theme of the blog with Malcolm's quote. *smile*
Have a good weekend, my friend. Peace~

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just read some of NML's posts, and MOST CERTAINLY they are NOT about hating her EX. They have nothing to do with him... it just in another sad example that we have to take EVERYTHING the media says, writes, types, blogs, etc. with a grain of salt and never at face value! Sorry you have to go through all that NML. I wonder if there is a supervisor or someone you could/should complain to, or even legal action. That is just straight defamination of your good name (and blog). At the very least I would write a letter of complaint and demand a letter of apology to be posted in the same paper by the same writer! But that is me, I do not mean to tell you what to do...

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Thank God chivalry ain't blogland! Thanks Stephen Bess for rally around your blog-friend! I will definitely roll over and show some love...Babz style!

Anonymous said...

Natalie Lue has been exposed, face facts. She gave that press interview.

Anonymous said...

Faith is Daniel Hart another mad faced stalking loon.

NML/Natalie said...

Hey Stephen,

Those two comments are from my cyberstalker who is taking advantage and breaching the ASBO - the restraining order.


Stephen A. Bess said...

It's all good. It's rare that I get a little drama on MC. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh look, friendless, homeless, jobless, loveless, penniless, bookless convicted criminal harasser Felicity Jane Lowde -

- who was JAILED for stalking her ex and his father and then JAILED again last year for stalking a woman she's never met -

is commenting about Natalie who she is desperately jealous of. Since Natalie has all the things she lacks - a man, a job, a home, a babay, a book and a load of support, online and offline.

As in doing so she has just breached a court order banning her form harassing Natalie and from writing about or to Natalie anonymously or directly, in any medium -

it's small wonder that she's staying anonymous.

She's too much of a coward to turn up to court for her own appeal next week.

All she can do is leave nasty little comments like droppings all over the internet which demonstrate her own spite and jealousy all too obviously.

The joke's on Lowde, as usual.

NML/Natalie said...

Stephen - There's been a whole lotta drama up in he-re! Hilarious!
Wombat Fan - How kind of you to stand up for me. I don't think there is anything that I can say except for thank you and it means a hell of a lot.

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