Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Hard Head Makes a Soft...

It was always a similar speech before momma left to go to work.

“I want this apartment cleaned up before I come home from work tonight. If it ain’t clean, y’all can forget about going outside this weekend. Calvin, I want you to cook tonight – just throw on some hotdogs and beans and don’t eat the whole pack. You get two hotdogs a piece. Stevie, it’s your turn to do those dishes tonight. I want my kitchen cleaned! Maurice, I want you to get in there and clean up that back room. It don’t make no sense how nasty it is. You should be ashamed of yourself.

After that, I want you to vacuum in the living room, and stay out of my living room after you finish. I don’t want y’all playing around in this apartment either. I mean no running, jumping, sliding, and especially no crashing! If I come back home tonight and find anything cracked, I’m cracking some butt. If I find anything chipped, split, or cut, I’m doing the same thing to your butt. You got me! I said, you got me!

“Yes, momma,” we all said with bowed heads as we walked her towards the door.

“Go ahead and get started on what I told you to do. When you finish y’all can go outside, but I want you back on this front when the street lights come on, you hear me?”

By this time, momma was two flights down as her voice echoed in the hallway.

We echoed back, “Okay, momma. See you tonight.”

Afterwards, we all looked at each and thought about everything momma said.

“Well, we better get started if we want to go outside,” Maurice said. “Shut up momma’s boy!” Calvin and Stevie shouted as they chased Maurice around the apartment with the sofa pillow.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas and Big Mommas. We love you. Enjoy your day. Peace~
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