Friday, March 02, 2007

March Meme

This is a March Meme from crzytxbull. I'm tagged!

The questions were fun and inspirational because they forced me to write down some of my goals for the month. Thank you and I extend this tag to anyone who wants to participate.

1. What main lesson you learned in the month of February?
My lesson for the month of February had to do with use of my time. I had to really sit down and have a long talk with myself. I fell that I got through.

2. What bad habit you want to rid yourself of this month?

Procrastination (See # 1)

3. What are your favorite muses?

Blogging, Poetry Readings, Book Readings, My wife (no particular order).

4. Name one thing that stand out UNIQUELY DIFFERENT that you recently discovered about yourself?

I haven’t discovered anything “uniquely different” about myself lately. If I had to guess it would be my ability to adapt to most situations in reference to class, culture, etc.

5. What is your definition of passion vs intimacy?

Passion is anything that causes your deepest emotions to rise to the surface. Intimacy is a conscious effort to bring something closer to you in thought, spirit or the physical realm.

6. What are you vibing too? (artist/group/ or song)?

I'm always listening to Classic Soul (Stylistics, Enchantment, Phyllis Hyman, Black Ivory, etc.). I have a collection. Over the past couple of months I’ve been really feeling some Township Jive. That is South African Jazz from the township. There is a local group here in DC called, Mahala that still play this music that is slowly fading from the South African music scene. Otherwise, I am on Blues right now. I diggin’ anything from the Delta through Chicago.

7. What are your favorite gadgets?

My camera and the movie software on my home PC.

8. What would be a perfect date with the person you're thinking of right now... A night of spoken words, comedy club, quiet restaurant with dim lights, walk on the beach at dusk, an evening at home?
The perfect date with my wife right now would be a walk along the beach in Pretoria, South Africa. It’s been a long time since she has been home. We hope to go this year. It will be my first visit.

9. Last book read?

Caribbean Race Relations a Study of Two Variants (Galaxy Books) by H. Hoetink

10. What would you re-name it based upon your perception of the storyline?

It was mostly in the form of a text, but based on the information I would call it: Africans in the Americas.

11. How many times a day do you look at your blog or the blogs of others?
Dozens!! I have to consciously pull myself from it so that I can get work done.

12. Who's your favorite blogger or spot you find yourself lurking around most often?
Honestly, there is no one blogger that I visit more than anyone else. I have many favorites. Then again, perhaps there are stats on this and I am just not conscious of it.

13. If you were to live the opposite sex for the day what name would you give yourself?

Kafele (kah-FEH-leh) It’s a Southern African name that means: “Worth dying for.” *Smile*

14. Describe yourself in 3 adjectives?
This is due to my exposure and experience with different cultures through friends and family. This also has to do with my travels (not in recent years.).
I’ve been this way since I was a child. I have all sorts of questions that will take a lifetime to answer.
I can be very quick on my feet when it come to wit. I am becoming more and more skilled with age. My wife tells me that I have a way of saying “go to hell” in a way that will cause you to pack your bags and look forward to the trip. J She said that her Abambo (father) was the same way. This is [one] of the reasons she is so crazy about me. *wink*

15. One goal you set for yourself for the month of March?

Find a new JAY-O-BEE. Find another job. Wish me luck.
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