Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Paul Robeson In Song

Paul Robeson Water Boy
Video sent by paleopale

Paul LeRoy Bustill Robeson (April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976) was a multi-lingual African American actor, athlete, bass-baritone concert singer, writer, civil rights activist, Spingarn Medal winner, and Lenin Peace Prize laureate.


Writer on Board said...

Love Paul Robeson. Big time. Love your winter shots too. Who is Robert Frost?

Stephen Bess said...

Good morning! Frost was a poet from New England. He was also the Inaugural poet for JFK when he was sworn in as president in '61.

Professor Zero said...

Oooh playing with templates - it is fun - I like this one (but have liked others).

Stephen Bess said...

LOL! I know that you like the "blackground" that I had in the beginning. Yes, I'm playing around. I may just keep this one or maybe go back to black. :)

Follow My Ink said...

His baritone is powerful. Love the lyrics of his words and life experiences. Thanks for sharing... bringing back the old days before we were free men and woman.

Stephen Bess said...

Amen to that. Now if we could break those mental chanins. Thanks again and welcome.

get zapped said...

Now that is a deep voice, WOW! Thank you for this afternoon song. Peace out. I love the snowy pics, too.

Stephen Bess said...

Thank you as well. Yes, gotta love Robeson's voice. Peace~

Dancewithme2 said...

Hey Stephen!!!
The Professor is right. This one is nice..but others have had more SOUL. :-)
All you need now is a ChatBox!!! :)

Susan Abraham said...

A marvellous bit of education, Stephen. :-)

Professor Zero said...

AHA, Blackground! I like it with this layout. I keep saying, Blackground is ultimately hard to read, but it just looks so cool ... my backup site has Blackground.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look for your blog!

I don't know much about Paul Robeson. Because of you, I'm going to research him.


Thami Mhlanga said...

I agree with Professor Zero, BLACKGROUND...LOL ;-)

Klara said...

I know that Guy!!
I love da new Look!!

Stephen Bess said...

:) Thanks for your input!

Great to see you. Thank you.

Thanks for your input. You helped me make a decision. I had to go back to basics. Basic black. :)

That's great. He was an extraordinary man.

Thank you. I think I'll stick with it for a while. :)

Thank you and good to see you.

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