Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lil' Stevie's Christmas Questions

Lil Stevie: “Momma, how come we don’t got no chimney?
Momma: “You mean, why don’t we have a chimney?”
Lil Stevie: “Yes, Ma’am.”
Momma: “Well, because we live in an apartment.”
Lil Stevie: “Oh. Well, how is Santa going to get the presents to us if he can’t come down the chimney like on TV?”
Momma: “He’ll come through the front door.”
Lil Stevie: “Who will let him in? Won’t you be sleep?”
Momma: “I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

(Stevie looks at his mother and scratches his head)

Lil Stevie: “No momma! ‘Cause If you do that then somebody will come in behind Santa and try to rob him! Then, they will probably beat him up, take his money, take his reindeer and sell ‘em, sell all the little girls and boys toys, plus our gifts! After all of that then Christmas will be over!”
Momma: “No it won’t son because we’ll still have Jesus.”

(Stevie looks at his mother and scratches his head again)

Lil Stevie:
“Momma, what does Jesus have to do with Christmas?”
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