Thursday, September 28, 2006

Photography: Today's Lunchbreak

During lunch today I saw this poster advertising The Brand New Heavies. I want to go to this show!
They're going to be performing at the 9:30 Club on V St. NW on October 20th.
"Spending some time making love...making plans to last forever...Staying true until the end....Never Stop never giving up!"
This is also during my lunch break. These are some street performers on 19th street near the subway. These brothers could play! I even gave them a dollar! Hey, that's good for me. :)
(By the way, the guy on the sax is not me)

Bonus photo

This is me giving my wife a shadow kiss. She was near me at first and then she slipped through my fingers! She told me to hold that pose. Can you guess where I was trying to kiss her? *grin*

Enjoy your weekend! Peace~

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