Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Poem And A Baby: Revised

DREAM on, for dreams are sweet:
Do not awaken!
Dream on, and at thy feet
Pomegranates shall be shaken.
Who likeneth the youth
Of life to morning?
'Tis like the night in truth,
Rose-coloured dreams adorning.
The wind is soft above,
The shadows umber.
(There is a dream called Love.)
Take thou the fullest slumber!
In Lethe's soothing stream,
Thy thirst thou slakest.
Sleep, sleep; 'tis sweet to dream.
Oh, weep when thou awakest!
Poem by: Paul Laurence Dunbar
Revision: I will have to separate the poem from the baby because the poem, I've discovered, is relating to the after life ("In Lethe's soothing stream..."). This cannot be used in reference to a new life. This is my error because I didn't really study the poem before I posted. Doh!!! :) So, because I am a big fan of Dunbar's work I will leave the poem on this post, but separate from Jamari. Please feel free to comment about the poem and/or picture. Thanks!

This is a photo that I took on Saturday of my little cousin, Jamari. Welcome to the world little cousin and God bless you. I pray. I pray that this life's journey will not be too difficult for you. I pray that the Creator will give you strength and always direct your paths. I pray.
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