Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Photography: Crayola Capital

Blue Dome: Angry Brother
Capital Reflection

Dem' Pink Tops

I hope that you enjoy my little display of the Capital here in Washington, D.C. These pictures were taken last Saturday afternoon. It was a quiet and cloudy day here in DC and my brother, Thomas was a willing participant as the "Angry Brother." Capital police guarding the Capital took necessary precautions and came around on their bikes and sort of looked us over. That's cool. Hooray for Homeland Security!

By the way, my brother will be heading back to Atlanta this weekend and he will definitely be missed. If you live in the DC area come check him out tonight during Open Mic at Busboys & Poets. It's located on 14th street. The time is from 9pm to 11pm, but the line is usually kind of long so a good time to arrive is around 6:30pm. Much thanks~


Anonymous said...

6:30!?! Wow...thats early!! Well, I remember on my birthday, my friends and I went there around 9 PM, and they wouldn't let us in because they said it was filled to capacity.

I might come out tonight. Sounds like a plan! =)

Stephen A. Bess said...

That would be cool. Come say hello if you spot us in the crowd.

Cergie said...

Hi, Stephen, how amazing these photos !
I'm wondering if your brother was happy to see his blue head, ehehe !
You know, I did a missing person poster in the post where you put your lovely comment !
In fact the guy who choised the look of a humming bird is in Washinton just now, that's funny, I find !
He is a good friend blogger, it's the reason why I may do this little joke.
For me, however I maybe do a mistake, Washington is more a provincial small town rather than a big city, quite such as Bonn, the ancient capital of Germany.
It must be very fun to live there...

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks and I'm happy that you like them. My brother would find the blue head humorous. He hasn't seen it yet, but I'll show him.
That's a creative poster for your friend here in DC. I'm sure that he will like it.
I do love living in DC. I was born and partially raised here. I mostly enjoy the museusms and monuments that we get to visit at no cost. I don't feel that enough locals take advantage. I'll have to visit Bonn one day. I've never been to Europe. Merci!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Thomas tonight. That is always hard when they have to go back home :(

I LOVE the pic's! Coloring like that must be a blast. I wish I could come out and see Thomas tonight... Maybe we will have to come and visit you sometime out there on the east coast... neither Sean nor I have ever been there. (Sean is my honey)

Anyways, have a great time tonight!

NML/Natalie said...

I love the angry brother pic!

Stephen A. Bess said...

That would be cool. I'll tape his performance as well. I can send it to you by email. Oh, congrats to your team. It was a good game. I was in the house screaming! :) I like the way that Minn is looking. They are tight! Much respect, but I wanted us to win. :(

He hasn't seen it yet, but I think that he would like. Thanks!

Professor Zero said...

Hey, good pictures and that open mic thing sounds fun! Y'all have a good time, now!

Dance_Soul said...

Angry Brother - LOVE IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

That would be great if you would send me the preformance! I loved the last one!

Monday was a great game! I love the close ones like that. (Especially when we come out ahead) thanks for the congrats. My Vikes look better than I thought they would. We still need a good reciever that does not drop so many balls like Troy Williamson does, but I think we will be ok.
Your Skins looked great! I was impressed with Portis coming back so soon! Sean Taylor is fun to watch! That game could have gone either way. I too was yelling and screaming the whole game. I went and watched it at a local bar with my brother, it was a good time.

I hope you had fun last night and have a great day!

Stephen A. Bess said...

the end of your response reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song, "Y'all come back now, here." :)
It was cool. We had a great time. Thanks.

Thanks! I love that one too. :)

Those are the best games because they are so riveting and exciting! It was a really good game and I have high hopes for the Skins. We'll see. Thanks and have a great day as well. Peace~

Sumeeta said...

I hope that your brother had a good reading.

Stephen is doing his first reading tonight in WV! I'll keep you posted.

Stephen A. Bess said...

What's up Sumeeta! Yeah, Thomas did his thing. Tell Stephen that I said what up! I know that he will do well with the reading.

Anonymous said...

So, Thomas did his thang! That's good! You must be so proud as an older brother!

Wish I could have been there!! I had Bible study last night and by the time that was over (9:00 pm), I was too tired to drive to DC. (I actually live in Bowie, but shhhhhh!! Don't tell anyone! LOL). =)

I would love to move into the city...I'd be alot closer to all of my favorite hang outs!

Hopefully I'll get to see Thomas perform one day!

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

As always, good eye. I like what you've done with the color too. A million people can come home with their own generic photos of the capitol, but you've done something to set yours apart, with the color and orientation. I love that.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Oh..you're out there in Bowie. Yeah, it was cool. I thought that you were going to come out and maybe do your thing too. :)

Hello and thanks for the compliment! I'm happy that you like them since you're such a good photographer yourself. Peace~

Anonymous said...

HA HA!! I'm the furthest thing from a performer!! Sure, I'll share my poetry with people, and hopefully publish a book some day soon. But getting on stage, having the spotlight on me, performing my poerty- it's just not me!!!

I would have to grow into that. It doesn't fit the current skin I'm in. And that growth process may take years.

black feline said...

the angry blue soul is brilliant...definitely a top notch shot..love it!

Stephen A. Bess said...

I'm sorry that I never responded. Thank you! :)

Reflex said...

Oh, nice to read from someone from DC, I was there some days ago (now I'm home, in Europe). I went to the "sculpture garde" jazz on a friday, it was kinda neat :)(touristic, ok, but neat)

Stephen A. Bess said...

Actually, I know some locals that like to attend the friday night jazz there. So, you picked a nice spot. Next time you can come to U street for a little grit. :)

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