Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Bookish Tag

Good morning! I was tagged by Michael J. West. That’s cool because he wants me to talk about my favorite subject, books! Thanks Michael. So, like da here it go!

1. Book that changed your life: That book would definitely be After Hours, by Edwin Torres. It was 1986 and I was in the Navy. We had been out at sea for more than 3 weeks when I picked up this book in the ship’s library. This was the first book I read that was not assigned by a teacher. I was 19. I’ve been intrigued ever since.

Honorable mention:
How Can Man Die Better?: The Life of Robert Sobukwe, by Benjamin Pogrun. This book is the reason that I met my wife. That’s another blog.

2. Book you've read more than once: I write what I like, by Stephen Biko. I first tried to read this book as a freshman (1990) in college. I put it down out of frustration because of all the grand words and ideas concerning Apartheid. I revisited the book in 1996 and I actually thought that it was changed because I understood so well. I guess that I learned something in college.

3. Book you'd take to a desert island: The Bible. That’s why Gilligan and the crew never got off that Island. They didn’t have the Bible. I am a preacher's son and besides, the Father might be reading this.

4. Book that made you laugh: I can think of funny moments in books, but never one that made me laugh all the way through. I guess that I need to read something funny?

5. Book that made you cry: Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye, by David Ritz. I love to read about my favorite entertainers. Also, Where The Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls. I remember reading this book in middle school. A boy and his puppy is enough to make anyone cry.

6. Book you wish you had written: Cane, by Jean Toomer.

7. Book you wish had never been written: I can’t think of one in particular, but any literature that spreads a message of hate towards any group.

8. Book you're currently reading: Caribbean Race Relations: A Study of Two Variants by H. Hoetink (1967) It has a textbook feel to it, but a really interesting read that takes a close look at race in the Caribbean and southern United States.

9. Book you've been meaning to read: Half the books on my bookshelf and others that I haven’t bought yet.

Top of my list:

I am looking forward to reading Geoffrey Philp’s books, Benjamin, my son and Uncle Obadiah and the Alien.
Michelle Buckley’s books, Bullet Proof Soul and Trippin’.

Stephen Earley Jordan ll book, Beyond Bougie (

10. I hope that you enjoyed this. Please feel free to tag yourself if you’d like to share with us your favorite books. Also, please let me know so that I can read yours. I know that I’m going against the tag rules, but hey…
Anyway, have a great weekend and be safe. Peace~
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