Monday, July 24, 2006

Baltimore Artscape: Just Hangin' Out

I had a chance to attend Artscape this weekend in Baltimore. Initially, I was supposed to go with my wife, but went with my cousin and road dog, G Bess instead (That's him pictured above). I had a great time! I also got in touch with fellow blogger and author, Stephen Earley Jordan ll, (Bougie Black Boy) who was in the Baltimore/Washington area visiting his sister.

Side thought:
Funny, I've never met a guy online. I’ve met a girl or two (shhhhhh…don’t tell my wife) online back in the day, (Black Planet, etc.) but never a guy. So, Stephen you're my first! Wait...wait, that didn't come out right??

It was cool though. Stephen came with his sister and we had a great time! We engaged in great conversation and lots of people watching. I saw very little art this year compared to last year when I attended the event with my wife and daughter.

It was all about hanging out and hitting the food stands. I was hungry after walking around so we hit the Jamaican stand for some good Jamaican cooking. There was even a fussing auntie behind the counter trying to tell us where to line up.

Menu:Curried Chicken
Rice and Peas
drink: Fresh, cold Limonade

Anyway, the clouds turned dark and the wind began to blow. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time dodging rain that was at times torrential downpours. It was fun, but looking “fly” was over.

We left the event area and went to a restaurant by the B-More Harbor for drinks and appetizers. In the end, I hung out in Baltimore from 2pm to 11pm. It was a nice time and I still made church the next day with my family. Besides, you have to pray hard after you’ve been playing hard.

Check Bess Photos on Flickr for more photos.
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