Monday, July 24, 2006

Baltimore Artscape: Just Hangin' Out

I had a chance to attend Artscape this weekend in Baltimore. Initially, I was supposed to go with my wife, but went with my cousin and road dog, G Bess instead (That's him pictured above). I had a great time! I also got in touch with fellow blogger and author, Stephen Earley Jordan ll, (Bougie Black Boy) who was in the Baltimore/Washington area visiting his sister.

Side thought:
Funny, I've never met a guy online. I’ve met a girl or two (shhhhhh…don’t tell my wife) online back in the day, (Black Planet, etc.) but never a guy. So, Stephen you're my first! Wait...wait, that didn't come out right??

It was cool though. Stephen came with his sister and we had a great time! We engaged in great conversation and lots of people watching. I saw very little art this year compared to last year when I attended the event with my wife and daughter.

It was all about hanging out and hitting the food stands. I was hungry after walking around so we hit the Jamaican stand for some good Jamaican cooking. There was even a fussing auntie behind the counter trying to tell us where to line up.

Menu:Curried Chicken
Rice and Peas
drink: Fresh, cold Limonade

Anyway, the clouds turned dark and the wind began to blow. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time dodging rain that was at times torrential downpours. It was fun, but looking “fly” was over.

We left the event area and went to a restaurant by the B-More Harbor for drinks and appetizers. In the end, I hung out in Baltimore from 2pm to 11pm. It was a nice time and I still made church the next day with my family. Besides, you have to pray hard after you’ve been playing hard.

Check Bess Photos on Flickr for more photos.


Professor Zero said...

What a great day! Funny to meet bloggers, I've met 3, 1 way before I had a blog, 2 since. That first one was absolutely insane and also dull in person, although great as a writer. The recent ones were a lot more similar to their blog personalities...

Anonymous said...

Cool hat!! Looks like something my Grandpa would wear! =)

Reading your blog makes me realize I need to get out more! I love art, music, cultural festivities and I don't know where to find out whats going on and when! I want to get out and expand my horizons! How do you find out about these festivities?

Stephen A. Bess said...

Bougie was cool, but more soft spokened than I imagined. His sister was live and in living color. :)

I'm told that I have an old soul. Thanks! :)

I usually find out from the weekend section of the Post or someone sends the info by email. My cousin, G Bess usually sends me stuff. I'll have to let you know if I hear anything going on in the metro area next time.

Michelle said...

what's a Jamaican food joint without a fussing auntie? LOL Food, friends and fun -- can't be beat. Sounds and looks like you had a good time and ya still made it to church on Sunday to praise the Lord -- ya done good, boi!

Bougie Black Boy said...

I see y'all talkin' about me ova here! MMhmmm? I'm soft spoken? Well. .. not really, but someone has to balance out the sister. :)

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, I had a real nice time. What's up and how are you?

You are as mellow as a cello. :)I thought that I was cool, but you're cool Raul!

Ananda said...

sounds like the bess men had a good time. great photos. peace ananda

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yeah, it was cool to get out. The rain was even fun. :)

Xave said...

:-) Always a pleasure.

Stephen A. Bess said...

what's up bro!

One of my favorite pass times. By the way, my computer becomes frozen everytime I visit your blog. It shuts me down???

Anonymous said...

Nice pix, the food stand made me hungry. Did they have oxtail? yumm

Your cousin is very handsome. I can see the resemblance though!! Hey, maybe you can introduce me to him... I mean if he is single :)

Stephen A. Bess said...

I pass on the compliment to my cousin. :)He is a single man. However, how can I introduce you to him when I don't know who you are?? All I know is that you got that jojo mojo workin'. *wink*

Friday Dialogue said...

How's B'more doing these days? I used to hang out there in the late 90's and it was rough country.

Shaggy said...

Bess - See you have crossed the great divide and into the broke back unchartered territory.

You are by yourself, btw... Thanks for popping by though and am doing great.

Looks like you had a great time.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Bmore is a little gentrified so it's a little better, but still Baltimore.

I haven't seen that movie and don't care to. :)However, I am man enough to joke about my sexuality because there are no issues of being confused.

Uaridi said...

Glad you had a great time. I had to stop looking at the food and drink pictures - reminded me of a Kenyan blogger who posts pictures of food (a mean man)

Nice to see that the blog friendship you formed were real.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, I can still taste it! :)Now, we just have to get you to come to the DC Metro area. I hope that all is well. Take care~

Dance_Soul said...

Mmmm. That dinner makes me real hungry. I hope you enjoyed it for all of us out here in blogland.
No prob on the link. Your blog is mos def one of my favorites now.

Unknown said...

I have alway thought that if any of the blogger was to meet me that they will find me dul, as I really am. Unlike my poetry I am a quite man who really dont talk that much. It is not unheard of for me to go for days at a time without talking to anyone. That why I think that I would make for a lousy teacher, I am just not a talker.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, it was good. I can't eat that too much. They would be around here calling me Papi Grande! :)

You say so much with your poetry though. That is definitely your primary voice.

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