Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mocha Hut: Your Move In DC

I hung out at the Mocha Hut Saturday afternoon on U street here in DC. This place is really cool. It has great atmosphere, comfortable seating, gracious host and a delicious breakfast menu that includes delectable snacks! I had a really good breakfast/brunch while I was there. I went there to meet my cousin and his friend who were engaged in a friendly game of Chess when I arrived. Well, I thought it was friendly until the young lady would get frustrated with the game and knock over the pieces. LOL! :) She did this about 5 times as I sat there eating. I would just laugh everytime and she would give me that one trembling evil eye. **grin** She was a sweetheart afterwards and we talked a little before I went out to do a little exploration. It was a nice day and I got a lot of good shots in and around the neighborhood. I'll have to share some more with you soon.

Your move
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