Friday, August 19, 2005

Poetry: Subway Rush

5:15 PM

I see…subterranean beings pushing and shoving

Me? Moving, chillin’, I’m swaying

Playgirl... sportin’ low riding pants switching, gliding

Couples holding each other... embracing, clutching and vibing

Sista 5 ft 7, chocolate, lips glossed, shaped nice- I want to make her my wife

I see...immigrant family searching… wondering which train to board

Me? I’m spittin’ and writin’…shit-- I guess you figured I’m bored

African, American, Black, beige and brown colored people

Amendments, rights, discrimination…just trying to be equal

Khoi-San, Nubian- Queen splashed in sage

Meanwhile... wanting, hoping, fakin'… trying to behave

Colors, colors, colors I see figures purple and green. Orange, pink, azure and all others in between

Have a safe weekend. Peace~


Unknown said...

A very good poems
thank David

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks David. I write poetry when it hits me. I am working on composing stories. I look forward to sharing those in the near future.

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