Wednesday, August 10, 2005

13th Warrior

This Saturday, August 13th will be another birthday for me. Do you know a famous individual with whom you share a birthday? I share my birthday with a rapper/actor, poet and a dictator. It's always interesting to know with whom one shares a birthday. I feel somehow connected with them through the stars and wonder if there are similar character traits between us. For example, I share a birthday with Fidel Castro. Now that's heavy! He's been vilified by most of the Western world; however, Fidel might be cool to hang out with though. I can see me and Fidel now... chillin' in Havanna having a birthday cigar. We could turn on some music and jam to Afro-Cuban percussionist, Willie Bobo! Yeah! 

Oh, I know that we are all unique and we have our own paths in life, etc. However, I sometimes entertain the idea that people of the same zodiac share similar traits. I am not particularly knowledgeable about Astrology, but I find it interesting. Anyway, today I plan to just relax and enjoy the company of those closest to me. I'll get me some "sipping" time, and I will humbly accept some gift to commemorate the day. Otherwise, I am just happy to be alive. 

Honorable mention: One of the rappers that I share the 13th with is Common [March 13th]. I like Common. His new CD BE is pretty hot and is already a classic with some of his audience. He's a poet and I have poetic potential. Besides that, he seems cool and I have most of his music. Well, I'm gone until next time. Take care and embrace the Son. God speed! Peace ~

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