Monday, August 22, 2005

At Least... She's Beautiful

I had the most interesting weekend. Saturday evening, I attended a preliminary pageant for Miss Africa here in the Washington, DC area. It was with a small group consisting of judges and guest along with about 15 beautiful women representing different countries throughout the African continent; It went well. The funny thing is that the organizers picked audience members to ask the contestants questions. By the way, they didn't inform me or anyone else that they were going to be picked. I was one of the guest they picked to question one contestant member. The question was purely off the top of my skull. I asked her, "How do you envision the African or Black diaspora for the 21st Century?" The contestant looked at me with a puzzled look. I wanted to retract my question and ask her something simple like, "Who is the greatest influence in your life," but I had to ask her a heavy question like that. I saw the confusion in her face and immediately posed the question in more specific terms and she proceeded to answer.

I'll admit that my question was sort of broad and not too specific, but I later found out that she didn't know the meaning of the word, Diaspora. So, if you are reading this and you have no idea what that word means then maybe you should look it up as well. Don't feel bad because I am constantly looking up words that I don't know the meaning. Besides, I don't want to find myself looking puzzled or confused in front of an audience or panel because I don't know the meaning of a word. Nevertheless, the pageant was lovely and I enjoyed every minute. The actual pageant will be this October. I'll post a specific date when I find out for those of you in the Washington area. Well, here's to beauty and brains. Peace~

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