Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dear Momma

Good afternoon,

Whoa! I got a late start this morning. I had a stop or two to make before I came in to work. I had a restful sleep last night and woke up to the OJay's on the radio. You know that song, "she use to be my girl........she had a charmin' personality.....and I loved her." I can't wake up to the buzzzzzzzzz!!!!! or arnttttttttt!!!!! sound of an alarm; I must wake up to music. Mother's Day is coming up Sunday. I sent my Mother her card and I am going to take her to brunch this Saturday. I'm trying to avoid the whole Mother's Day madness thing.
My mother is a special lady just like many on this planet. She has been through the rain and the storm to where she is now. As a matter of fact, she is that wild flower that is still intact after storm. Like many innercity mothers she raised all four of us alone with very little financial assistance. All of us are not doing what we should, but we are all decent human beings. We are caring individuals who try to help when we can and we all love our mother. Life would've been much more difficult if it weren't for the support of our mother who loved us, but chastised us when we were wrong. She is a blessing to have around. My grandmother Eunice has been gone since 1999. She was a mother to me as well and I know that she is still praying for me in spirit. Thank God for our mothers! I've always felt that my first African ancestor to make it to these American shores was a woman. A strong, beautiful, loving mother. Peace~

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