Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Traces Of Me

Good morning! It's just one of those mornings when I am just glad to be alive. Sometimes I have to stop and appreciate what I have no matter how simple. There are many things that we take for granted. We have to stop and give thanks to the Creator. I look around at times when I am observing the world on the streets and subways and I see individuals who are not as fortunate. So, I give thanks.

I thank God for my eyes so that I can look into the eyes of my loved ones. I can observe the changing of the seasons and appreciate nature. I can see that which nature has formed and thank God for her presence.

I thank God for my limbs because I can become mobilized at will, build, touch, dance, and love. I cannot leave out my senses because I can smell the aroma of tantalizing dishes and the smell of sweet perfumes that provoke my wishes. I can taste the chocolate and feel the smoothness of her skin. The inebriating affects of the vodka I drink make me want to start all over again. :)

I thank the Creator for my mind so that I can decide, calculate, devise, comprehend, and compose my thoughts before speaking.

I thank the God because with my mind and heart I can pray, create, love, change, agitate, plan and become. All in all I thank the Creator because...just because.

I have no way of knowing how far this life will take me, but I will do all I can while I am here to make a positive change. This change will start with me because I cannot completely make a positive impact unless I have made some changes within. Well, it is almost time for my break. I have a taste for ginger tea this morning with honey. Peace~


Sandy said...

How encouraging.I read this only to find strength in your words. I am one guilty of taking the small things for granted. Smelling, seeing,touching, feeling, moving and so on. Thanks for the reminder...Today, I will give thanks as well.....

Much Love,

Stephen Bess said...

I'm glad that you were able to take something from that, Sandy. It hits me every now and then so I thought I'd share. :)

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