Friday, May 06, 2005

WE: e pluribus unum

Good morning!

It's Friday!!!! I am looking forward to a great weekend. The weather is supposed to be warming up and the sun will be shining. This is the time of year that we see more "Jibard"(pronounced "Hee-bard"). This is a term that I heard on The Last Poets cd titled, Right On! The word means, raw culture. I was told by a friend from Puerto Rico that It originally referred to the indigenous people who lived in and around the mountains of Puerto Rico. In DC, we see plenty of "Jibard" in and around the city. We see it all around us representing different cultures and sub cultures. For instance, Go-Go music is raw culture. It is the percussive blend of Jazz, blues, and African rhythms. It's the beating of drums and feet -- horns blowing and shouting -- sweat dripping and hands clapping -- makes you wanna get out of your seat! Better yet, it can be observed just walking around in the summertime and you see the sistas on the block with their hair wrapped -- wearing them --brothers rappin' -- women tappin' as they're steppin' off! Jibard! That's straight raw culture when you head up to Tacoma Park and Silver Spring and it seems like every flavor is represented from Jerk to Curry, Masala to Salsa, and Cous Cous to Fufu. I'm talkin' Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and pasty white. Jibard! It's all around us and I love it. Remember that the word race has no plural form. We are we. Peace~

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