Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This Is Always

Good morning everyone-

I am reflective today. I sometimes stop and take a look at my life to assess where I am headed. I think that it started this morning as I noticed the trees. They are beginning to bud and some have bloomed with these beautiful and colorful arrangements. The scene triggered some thoughts and memories and I was set adrift on a memory bliss. I also thought of my life 5 years from now. Again, I wondered what my life will be like?
The other day, I was listening to a Jazz cd by an artist named King Pleasure. He was popular back in the day with his vocal styling that made James Moody's song, "Moody's Mood For Love" popular. In one of his songs he sings, "I'm so in love with where I've been but afraid of where I'm going..." I believe that phrase sort of encompasses what I somtimes feel about my life. However, I believe in my heart that I can control my destiny. I know that I am going to be afraid sometimes, but If I have an action plan I can have some say in my destination. Fear? Fear is good to a certain extent as long as it doesn't control me. I know that it is easier said than avoided. Fear has certainly held me back on occasion in every aspect of my life. It has also propelled me to the next level when I was determined to triumph over it. I am sustained by self-determination and prayer. I am going to continue to strive for my goals in life and I want you to do the same. We all have the potential to do something great even if it's only noticed by a few. Take care and embrace the sun. Peace~


Anonymous said...

As my grandfather used to say:

"Dying is easy
Living is a much harder thing
For the living must Think
Else ghosts will drive you on".

Therefore: if you don’t think, you will live a life driven by mistakes.
and, your mistakes will come back to haunt you.

Continue to reflect, but never forget to embrace the sun.

Stephen A. Bess said...

I like the way that you think Anonymous one. Your grandfather is a wise soul and so are you because you listened. Thank you.

Sandy said...

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. ~Jeremiah 29:11

I too will continue to strive and not let fear keep me back from my purpose(s) in life.

Keep on keeping on honey!

Anonymous said...

well, fear is an unknown factor in any situation, but what you have to realize is that fear . . .my friend . . .is at the inner most core of what drives people to succeed. I know that fear can be overwhelming in my minds, but always think about your heart, your thoughts, your thoughts, your aspirations and most importantly, . . I think . . your wants and I know you could and would overcome any fears.

A few years back, I would let fear come to my house and sit on my chaise and smoke a cigarette and would let fear tell me how all of the wonderful, beautiful and prosperous leads were bad for me, then one day, I had to clock him in the head and tell him to get the fuck out of house! This is a place of prosperity, joviness, wealth and gain . . . Guess what??? Ain't seen him!! Rejoice in your day.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you Sandy and Anonymous. There is a great deal of wisdom flowing through this blog. I like that. Continue to bless me with your knowledge and understanding. Peace~

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