Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Come on...be nice

Hello everyone-

I'll be brief this morning. I had one of those moments just a few minutes ago. It's one of those moments that remind you of who you are (physically) and how some people in the world view you. It was a moment that should have simply elevated me, but it sort of let me down. Ok...I was in the lobby of my building just about to get on the elevator. There were two other people getting on at the same time. I got on the elevator and we proceeded to go up. The atmosphere grew thick with silence as the two people ceased the talking that was taking place before they entered. So, I thought that I would be friendly by saying "hello." I got nothing but silence and a weird and almost constipated smile from the woman. Do you think that they were uncomfortable with my presense because I am a Black man? I don't know, but if that wasn't the case they were still rude! Thank you and have a nice day. Peace~


sanpadros said...

I have that all the time, but it may be because i am an old white guy. I dont know, dont worry so much! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

In that situation, it's hard to say. While it's probably because you're a black man; there are people out there that are just flat out rude regardless of whether you're black, white, or "other". Your being black probably helped them along in their rudeness. They are rude people with no home training, nonetheless.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous. Home training can be tricky because there are some crazy ideas being taught at home. I feel what your saying.