Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Sweetest Thing I've Ever Known.....

Good morning-

This mornings walk to the subway was cool and brisk. I love the feel of the cool air on my face. It wakes up my senses and it makes me feel more alive. Life is beautiful and sweet. There is beauty in the moment that you see a June bug (rare in DC), or some other beautiful rare thing. It's the little things that mean so much. They are life's sweetners. If you put a little bit of sweetness into your daily existence the day would taste so much better. Yes! Life can leave a bad taste in your mouth sometimes.

This web diary is part of my quest to develop good habits. I want to read and write more and watch less television. Televison can rob you of your ambition. I can't let that happen! What are good habits vs. bad habits? Who decides that? I think that I decide what is good vs bad in terms of my habits. My cousin, Gary says that it is a matter of personal perception and how the individual perceives things. I believe that. Well, I won't get off into any ontological theories, but I just wanted to talk about that for a moment.

I am about to go on my break in a minute. I have my tea every morning at 10:15. It's one of my good habits. I prefer ginger tea with lemon and honey. It's just the right elixir to start my day off and it leaves a sweet taste. God bless my friend, Anthony Blount in Williamston, NC. His mother passed away yesterday. We called her Miss Loraine. Peace~

Photo:  A cup of coffee with plenty of cream

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Anonymous said...

I remember Anthony.....he's in my prayers.

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