Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm So Glad...

Good morning-

It's Friday!!! What more can you say about that if you are the Monday-Friday 9 to 5er like I am. I'm living for the weekend like the O'Jays. I love the weekend especially this time of year. I want to describe a typical weekend in the life of Stephen. Friday night is always up in the air. I may do just about anything from going out to Happy Hour or going out on a date. There are those Fridays when I don't feel like anything and I just stay in and watch a movie. I get a fresh start Saturday morning with a nice little workout and a trip to Salvation Army store on H St. I may head over to Eastern Market if I'm in the mood for a nice crowd. You can find some really great stuff there. Friday night and Saturday night are both freestyle unless I've made plans. Daytime is for reading, relaxation and hanging out. The next thing you know it is Sunday and the weekend is coming to an end. Sunday is whatever I feel like. It may be a day of recovery from the night before or an attempt to redeem myself with a religious service. Every now and then I'll head out to a nice brunch with friends or family. At any rate, in the words of Debbie Deb weekends were made for fun! Ya'll don't know anything about Debbie Deb unless you were in High School in the 80's. You'd have to be at least 30 something. Ok, I'm out. Have a great weekend. Peace~

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