Monday, April 11, 2005

A Fresh Perspective

Good morning-

This weekend was interesting to say the least. I had a great time in Chicago and seemed to experience nearly every inch of the town. It was a great mini vacation. One of the most interesting aspects of that trip was the ride. I rode shotgun with my cousin and a friend of his, and the conversations ranged from politics to religion. We also talked about relationships and marriage. In fact, we talked about everything  men talk about when they are locked in a car for 10 hours. Right? The men I talked to in that car had a positive attitude towards life and the women they loved (including their mothers). They viewed the world with an opened mind and did not accept just one explanation. They gave their own theories about the plight of man with supported evidence. I listened and also gave my view on things. It was both refreshing and thought provoking. It is a rare occasion that I get to engage in such discourse. It's great mental stimulation -- cerebral aerobics. It is great practice and it forces me to take a stand on something.
Anyway, besides that I ate, drank and laughed my way through a beautiful weekend in the mild and sunny city of Chicago.
Well, it's back to work and my daily routine. The great thing is that I enjoyed that world too. In keeping the spirit of my excursion, I'd like to make a toast: here's to great conversation, tolerance, and good friends! (esp. my dear friend on the South Shore. God bless you). Peace~

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Sandy said...

The statement that stands out to me in your blog today is the statement about your "cerebral aerobics". You said that "It is great practice and it forces you to take a stand on something." It's so important that we take a stand for something in life because I'm sure you heard the saying if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.

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