Thursday, April 07, 2005

Locomotive Reflection

Jean Toomer, 2oth Century writer, described himself as "locomotive." He said that it was difficult for him to stay in one place. He moved around from a very early age and it continued thruoughout his life. Jean Toomer died in 1967 and past that locomotive spirit to me and many others. I can't seem to stay still for more than a couple of years. Some might say that I have a restless spirit or that I am unstable. Others might say that I am adventurest and inquisitive about the world that I am in. I think that I am just locomotive. I haven't had the experience of traveling the world much since I left the Navy. I couldn't appreciate traveling then. I don't care where my ship, the USS Theodore Roosevelt would dock I would get off and look for the nearest MacDonalds or some other fast food joint. Nowadays, I like to think of myself as having more sophistication when it comes to traveling. Now, I would instead look for a TGIF or Bennigans. :) No, I would try cuisine that is part of that culture and community.
This weekend I am going to Chicago. I will be nestled just off the South Shore in a friends Condo. I love that town! I've even considered moving there. While I'm there I will see the sites and partake of local cuisine. I will devour all that it has to offer and appreciate the moment for what it will be. This will be my last entry until my return on Monday. Have a great weekend and be still until I return. Peace~

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Sandy said...

You are truly amazing!

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