Monday, January 19, 2015

Thank You Dr. King: A look at Selma

Last evening, I had the pleasure of going to see SELMA at the theater. The films is based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches led by the Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., James Bevel (played by Common), Hosea Williams, and John Lewis of SNCC. I thought that it was, overall, a good film. Historically, it seemed accurate and honest in its content - more than I've seen in previous films.
It was as expected, I thought. I also felt that David Oyelowo did an excellent job portraying the slain Civil Rights leader. Specifically, It tells the story of that very important and pivotal day in Civil Rights history. The film also addresses some important relationships in Dr. King's life such as the relationship with his wife, Coretta Scott King. It was not depicted, as in other films, as a smooth and always loving relationship. It explored the difficult times as well. Also, it dabbled in the relationship between King and President Lyndon Johnson as well as The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

I've been indoctrinated and saturated with the life of the Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all of my life; so, this film was no revelation for me. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed watching. For some reason, I am drawn to any new depiction of Dr. King just like many others around the world. It never gets old. This is why this film is so important for younger generations or for people who don't know the history of the United States. It gives an explanation and perspective to the turmoil that is going on today here in the United States in places like Ferguson, Missouri (Michael Brown), Jena, Louisiana (Jena Six), New York City (Eric Garner) and many other places around the United States and the world. SELMA also reminds us that change can happen when people pull together as one.  It gives us hope and for that I am thankful. Go see the film if you can. It is worth your dime and all of your time. Thank you Dr. King. We love you.

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