Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Moment in the History of Big Bethel F.W.B Church/ Purlie Victoroius

1961 - "Purlie Victorious"

Purlie Victorious, a farce by playwright Ossie Davis, opened on Broadway on September 28, 1961.  Actor and Activist, Ossie Davis, died February 4, 2005.  He is survived by his wife, Actor and Activist, Ruby Dee, and son, former actor and Blues singer, Guy Davis.


Anonymous said...

Purlie Victorious! What a gem...I miss Ossie. Saw Ruby on the Monique Show, and wanted to wrap her up in my arms and just love on her. Our greatest treasure is our people.

Stephen Bess said...

ninamm - so true. We have around and within our community the greatest treasures. Yeah, I wish I could sit down and talk to Ms. Ruby. Thanks.

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