Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Freedom Ride of 1961

On May 4, 1961 thirteen Freedom Riders began bus trip through the South to confront the injustices of Jim Crow and racism.  It turned out to be a trip they would never forget.

Do you want to ride or die?  Is it worth the trip?  Can they be that bad?  Those are the questions I imagine they asked on that spring day in 1961.  Yes, they saw the news reports, and heard testimonies in the training sessions that would prepare them for this trip south.  However, there is no experience like experiencing it for yourself:

Photo Sources:  NY Times, black past.org, and southern spaces.org


Deb S. said...

May we never forget our history.

Stephen Bess said...

Amen to that. We must remember and learn from it. We must tell our children and they must tell there children.

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