Monday, December 08, 2008

Poetry: Thomas Bess Jr.

The Paper-cutter
By: Thomas Bess jr.

waiting in the blackness for my alarm clock to go off,

the screaming banshee opens my eyes to pierce the blackness of my four walls.

i see the ghost that is my work clothes resting lazily on my chair;

starched white shirt, black pants, black tie.

out of the apartment.

i wait for the bus.

i waited and cursed my local transit system.

late again

i was late yesterday

i left thirty minutes earlier than yesterday

and i was still late

later than the day before

i felt a cold numbness

i imagined the look on my boss’ face when i tell him the bus was late again

i smile an insane smile to myself

i held my gas station coffee -- sweating palm

the humid air clings to my business casual
gravel and dust make my dress shoes look lousy

i stand congregated with the other losers

waiting for the bus it comes.

no smiling faces

sleepy zombies

the bus stops

i'm here

quontavious, i don't think we’re in kirkwood anymore

store-brand coffee brewing in employee lounge

a can with a sign that says 25 cent donation

i put in nothing. i don't have it to give and i need the coffee.

a judging fat blob gauks as i stir in the sugar.

"fuck you", i think in my head.


Anonymous said...

Talent runs in your family, that is for sure!! I can relate to this, as I think we all can one way or another....

Stephen A. Bess said...

LOL! Yes, I've felt this even if I didn't say it out loud. Thanks for the compliment, Cat.

Rethabile said...

Your bro also raps, right? He know me? This describes my day to day life. Ha!

Cat's right about how it runds in the family.

Anonymous said...

The Bess men gotz talents man!Thanks for sharing:-)

Stephen A. Bess said...

He does not consider himself a rapper. As a matter of fact, he explains what he does if you follow that Youtube link. Thanks, brother.

The written and spoken word is definitely our strength. You should hear our father when he preaches the Word.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

What's up Stephen. That was cool.

So that was by your brother - good look. I'll have to check him out on his other site.

Anonymous said...


Stephen A. Bess said...

R Fitzgerald-
Yeah, do that. It's good to see him in written form. I'm so used to seeing him express himself on stage.

Yeah, he's good. Thanks.

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