Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Old Window: A Look into the Past

This is a photo I took of a window in the back of my grandfather's childhood home. I was brave enough to step into that old house that felt like it was about to give in to the weight of my body. It made every sound you can imagine as it moaned with my every step. I can remember when the house still had a strong life force.

It was 1979 -- the year before my grandfather's mother died. Back then, there were still farm animals about the house, an old dog, and scattered remnants of the fall harvest when I looked across the field. great-grandma Alice was suffering from Alzheimers. From her window in the back of the house, she saw me running and playing with the various farm animals. She called me over to the window and asked me, "Who boy are you?" I told her and she smiled, "You a good looking boy." I said thank you and smiled shly as I ran off to play more.

I came across her window a second time and she called me over to ask the same question. I answered as if it was my first time hearing it. I was pre-warned to do so by my aunt. After great-grandma Alice asked me the same question for a third time. I ran off to play only in the front of the house. I was 12 years old.

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