Thursday, March 20, 2008

Art and Lyrics: Terraplane Blues

Robert Johnson, Terraplane Blue 2001. Stephen Bess
Watercolor, pencil, and ink on paper

Terraplane Blues
"And I feel so lonesome you hear me when I moan (x2)

Who been drivin my terraplane for you since I've been gone

I'd said I flashed your lights mama your horn won't even blow

I even flash my lights mama this horn won't even blow

Got a short in this connection hoo-well, babe, its way down below

I'm on hist your hood momma mmmm I'm bound to check your oil (x2)

I got a woman that I'm lovin way down in Arkansas..."

Lyric Source: © (1978) 1990, 1991 Lehsem II, LLC/Claud L. JohnsonAdministered by Music & Media International, Inc.
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