Friday, December 14, 2007

Artist Spotlight: The Colors of Kenji

Color is the word that comes to mind when I look at the art of internationally acclaimed surrealist artist, Kenji. It’s a marriage of color, texture, and spirit. I have to say that in a particular order because I am going by the reaction of my senses when I first looked at Kenji’s work. First, my eyes were dazzled when I looked upon the lively, brilliant, and colorful images on the website; then, my spirit reacted to the subject matter in such a way that it spoke to my soul. Now, keep in mind that I did not see her work in person. So, I can safely assume that my reaction will multiply when I actually have a framed piece of her work in hand. I cannot tell you when that will be, but I can assure you that it will be.

I was attracted to the images I saw of the Blues. For instance, there is a piece called The Shimmy Shack (pictured left) that is dedicated to a scene from the movie, The Color Purple. There were also other pieces centered on the blues like Just There and Real Time (pictured right) that really seized my attention. Overall, Kenji has much to offer to anyone who simply loves art. Her (partial) client list includes celebrities like Al Jarreau, Tyrese, Maxine Waters, and the late Lou Rawls and Aaliyah. Her work has also graced the front covers of many books and magazines.

However, the beauty of Kenji’s work transcends the textures of paint and the variations in pattern and color. The beauty is that she is a self taught artist who considers her ability to create a “Gift from God.” The beauty of her work can also be seen in the workshops and self esteem art classes for children of all ages. Kenji’s beautiful colors will also be put into words when she releases her new book of poetry in 2008, "Let Color Inspire Your Life." As a matter of fact, let color inspire your life by visiting Kenji’s website. There are dozens of photos, photography, and art to choose from. I also encourage you to join her mailing list. In the words of Kenji, “Thank you and many blessings always!” Peace~
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