Friday, November 23, 2007

Meme: What's in a name?

Rethabile has tagged me for this meme concerning the name of my blog.

Here are the rules:
Have you ever wondered why some blogs are called what they're called? I hope so, because you have just been tagged. Please participate if you can. Here are the steps: (1) Explain the name of your blog. Why this name and what does it mean? (2) Find two blogs/bloggers with groovy names and and tag them.

The reason behind the name:
Morphological Confetti’s name is a combination of my love for the spoken word and music. It was difficult to come up with a name for this blog when I first started in April of 2005. I wanted it to be catchy and I wanted it to have everything to do with the art of the written word. So, I looked up words and synonyms of this or that word and finally came up with Morphology, which refers to the patterns of word formation in a particular language. So, I had morphology, but morphology what? Then, one day I was listening to one of my all time favorite hip hop groups, De La Soul. Well, they have this song called, Plug Tunin’ (12’ version); these are some of the best lyrics in hip hop. The rest of my blog name comes from the part in the song when they sing:

“Flowing in file with a new style
Barrels are cleaned and loaded for salute
Chanters with the choice standing steady like my mouth
This paragraph preacher is now introduced
Drums are heard sounding off on each and every person
Vocal confetti is blown at top stage…”

Vocal confetti! That’s it! De La Soul has their vocal confetti and I will have Morphological Confetti. Well, that’s the story of where the name comes from. It's a combination of syntax and rhythm blending to form a confetti of words, images and ideas.
I would like to tag Rent Party and Lessons Learned.
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