Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tag: 10 Points I Like About Myself

I was tagged by Cergie on the ten points I like about myself. This was fun, but not easy. It's sometimes difficult to think of the things I like about Stephen. It became difficult after number five.

1. First, I like that I have a good spiritual base. Some of you may know that I am a son of preacher (PK, Pastor’s Son = Bad boy). Well, that spiritual base from the beginning has drawn me closer to God as an adult. Now, I don’t have to be asked to go to church or to pray. As a matter of fact, I can’t make it without it. I know, I sound like one of those rappers after they receive a Grammy for an award winning song like, “Whoop that Trick.”

2. I like being a husband and a father. It’s been really rewarding and I’ve seen so much growth as a man.

3. I like that I have great manners. Yes, old people love me. They tell me that I have manners to spare.

4. I like that I’m a good listener. It’s not always easy, but I take pride in it.

5. This leads me also to my patience. It’s something that I continue to work on and it gets better with time. I like that I have good patience

6. I like the love that I have for culture. This passion drives me to learn so much about this world in which we live and the people in it.

7. I like my love for the arts. It makes life so much more interesting and very colorful.

8. I like that I am well groomed. I take pride in the way I look. It’s a lay over from my active duty days in the military. I still like my mustache trimmed and my shoes polished.

9. I like my bald head or “Chi Cha.” I love the feel of light rain on my head. It soothes and cools me during the summer months.

10. Finally, I just like me. If I could step outside of myself I would be my own best friend.

I'll tag anyone who wants to participate in this tag. Have at it. Thanks Cergie!


Tafari said...

Oh no, not another meme. These things are dangerous!


Stephen A. Bess said...

I know. I don't think I'll do another for a long while, but one more for Cergie. :)

Cergie said...

Thank you Stephen, i enjoyed reading your ten points
Some of them come from your parents, your own family
Some were given at you birth. They are god sends
Some are from you. Your mustache, your body, your polished shoes...

After all, the one I prefered to read is the last one : you are as you are and you are happy so
You do your best and it is well.
I like that

Makes me remember the parable of the talents (the some word for ancient money and good capacity)
This parable, I like it particularly
Maybe the one I prefer too, in the Holy Bible...

San Nakji said...

Ah, it's interesting to see someone else who Cergie tagged. I think your answers are great and the selfbelief you have is great. I think we all should strive to be that way.

The African-American experience is very interesting to me and I think your blog is a great reflection of that experience. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I'm mad that your rap song was "Whoop That Trick"! You are funny!!

Stephen A. Bess said...

Thank you. It was a real pleasure. It's always great working with you. :)

San Nakji-
Thank you so much. I hope you will visit again.

lol! That's the most ridiculous example I could come up with. :)

black feline said...

yes...i can see that stephen..agree totally on all!

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